Welcome To Sachidanand College, Shahmal Khaira Deo (Rohtas)

S.N.COLLEGE, SHAHMAL KHAIRA DEO was established by the local people of the area with a vision that it will disseminate the knowledge of higher education among the needy section of the society and will become a frontrunner in teaching, learning and research, so that the fullest potential of the students will develop enabling them to compete with modern day challenges and opportunities, along with the quality of leadership that may inspire them to work for the advancement of the society and the nation. As the college is affiliated to Veer Kunwar Singh University, Ara, the regular curriculum and the syllabi of the courses are designed by the university and college strictly follows the prescribed regulation for smooth implementation. The role of college in course designing and syllabus preparation is limited to occasional suggestion, as and when sought for. Presently, the college has three faculty members from the department of Political Science and Psychology in the Courses and Curriculum Studies of the university. For proper implementation of the curriculum, the college has developed specific plans and programmes. The responsibilities for implementation of the academic curriculum are entrusted on IQAC, Academic Council, Admission board and Routine Committee, Examination Boards and Departmental meetings. Before the commencement of each academic session, the principal of the college constitutes the Admission and the Routine committee to look into the details of the admission procedure and allotment of classes, respectively. Similarly, for the timely publication of the Prospectus along with the Academic Calendar and Student Diary, the principal entrust the responsibility to a few faculty members. The General Daily Class Routine and Academic Calendar are prepared in conformity with the Academic Calendar of the University.  Accordingly, each department of the college has the basic responsibility for allotment of classes along with distribution of the course plan and timely completion of the course. The Academic Council of the college is entrusted with the responsibility to prepare the whole academic plan of the college. The evaluation and the examination system of the college is conducted by the Examination board as per the guidelines of the parent university.

image Our Mission

To make spiring intelligentsia of S.N.COLLEGE Rohtas, mentally tough, emotionally strong & intellectually sharp so that they can float quite efficiently and actively in the ever flowing and vast stream of technological advancement.

image Our Vision

To create a class of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens, who will become a human resources of high caliber, to cater to the needs of the society and the county as a whole in accordance with our ‘Leeeus at Ardens’ which means ‘spreading light and growing bright’

image Our Objects

The main objective of the institution is to transform the students into well meaning citizens through the committed pattern of instructions based on carefully prepared and well designed curricular aspects. The changing needs of the time are the basis while building a rich corpus of talent. Hence, the main objective of S.N.COLLEGE.